It's September already?

Where has the time gone! I've been working at my new job for almost a whole month now and it still feels like I've just started! For those of you that don't know I'm now a programmer at Performance Horizon which is pretty awesome; quite the change from flash gaming! It's also the main reason I've been neglecting my personal projects and blog updates to concentrate all the cool things I've been working on.

Recover from Interrupted Ubuntu Release Upgrade

Today I finally got around to upgrading my home media server to Ubuntu 12.04. I'd been putting it off for a while, mainly because I was busy and didn't have time to run extra backups. Anyways, everything ran smoothly until I forgot it was running and closed my Macbook lid, which resulted in no connection and a broken SSH pipe. This is the first time it's happened to me so I quickly did some googling and found the best solution.

Installing GeoIP on CentOS

I mainly write these blog posts for my own personal reference, so I don't forget how to install all of these various packages, but also because I learn a lot of my stuff from other people's posts and like to contribute back where I can. Below is my install script for GeoIP on CentOS 5.6+, and so far it has never failed. It should work on any Redhat based system with the yum package manager, but I haven't tested on any system below 5.6. I normally create scripts in a personal install directory and run as sh ~/install/