Side Projects Posts

It's September already?

Where has the time gone! I've been working at my new job for almost a whole month now and it still feels like I've just started! For those of you that don't know I'm now a programmer at Performance Horizon which is pretty awesome; quite the change from flash gaming! It's also the main reason I've been neglecting my personal projects and blog updates to concentrate all the cool things I've been working on.

Molehill Gaming Launched!

Hey guys! It's a while since I posted, but it's all for a good cause, I promise. Recently I joined forces with a friend and we become a single identity known as "The Mole".

Squiggle Canvas Returns!

Canvas GPU Acceleration in Chrome Fails

As you may know I recently relaunched Squiggle Canvas. Whilst re-coding the site I noticed the entire engine was very glitchy, and the JavaScript hang time for drawing was between 500-1000ms. This was the time needed to Chrome to take some input, run a function, draw something to the canvas, update the UI, and get ready to redraw the next line. All of this happens when you move the mouse one pixel.