Rails Data Migrations

Migrating a schema when deploying code is a fairly solved problem in Rails, and many other languages/frameworks. What hasn't quite been solved, or at least agreed upon, is the ability to make changes to data based on those migrations. I'm not going to cover the dos, donts, pros and cons of each method as many people before me have covered this in great detail. What I do want to do however, is share a nice simple solution I created for simplifying this process, and making the most out of previous methods.

Install Nokogiri on macOS Sierra

Today, I made the mistake of running gem pristine while helping someone debug an issue. Not only did this not resolve their issue, but now my ruby projects were now also unusable. By re-installing all of my gems it re-compiled Nokogiri which was now, for some reason, not compiling against the system libraries.

Homebrew Nginx Tap

I've recently been working on an Nginx Tap for Mac OS X Homebrew and now I think it's time to share with the world. Originally I created a pull request on the original repo but due to the custom nature of the modules I needed it was reccomended that I create a tap and maintain my own repository (tap). The main goal behind the tap is to create a version of Nginx with as many modules as possible so people can create fully custom builds very easily.

Why I learned Ruby

For a while now I've been hearing a lot of people taking about the programming language Ruby. Not that it's anything new, it just seems to be a lot more popular in my circle of friends and my Twitter feed. Naturally, as a professional PHP developer, I should hate the idea of Ruby and start some crazy argument about how PHP is far superior and Ruby should die (blah blah etc.. boring). Instead of this approach, I took it upon myself to learn Ruby from the ground up and understand why so many people enjoy using it to power their applications. Too many people argue over things without understanding both points of view, which always annoys me.