Macos Posts

Install Nokogiri on macOS Sierra

Today, I made the mistake of running gem pristine while helping someone debug an issue. Not only did this not resolve their issue, but now my ruby projects were now also unusable. By re-installing all of my gems it re-compiled Nokogiri which was now, for some reason, not compiling against the system libraries.

Order By Folders First in Mac OSX Lion

A pet hate of mine on Mac is the inability to order directories with folders at the top. It makes perfectly logical sense to put things in Alphabetical order, but when you're a developer and working with lots of folders which you have to navigate through and huge directories it's just a pain.

Adding User to a Group on OSX Lion

It's quite annoying how non-simple OSX is to Linux, so nearly all of the commands I'm used to don't actually work anymore so I have a lot more to learn. One of the basics was the lack of usermod which I use quite a lot while setting up permissions for things like client FTP, shared folders in Samba and vhosts in Apache2. Seems there is no simple way to do this on Mac, and the command is somewhat long winded, but here it is for anyone looking for a solution that works.