Why I learned Ruby

For a while now I've been hearing a lot of people taking about the programming language Ruby. Not that it's anything new, it just seems to be a lot more popular in my circle of friends and my Twitter feed. Naturally, as a professional PHP developer, I should hate the idea of Ruby and start some crazy argument about how PHP is far superior and Ruby should die (blah blah etc.. boring). Instead of this approach, I took it upon myself to learn Ruby from the ground up and understand why so many people enjoy using it to power their applications. Too many people argue over things without understanding both points of view, which always annoys me.

MongoMinify Launched

Today I finally released the beta version of my MongoDB compression library for PHP. There still a lot of work to be done, but it's stable enough to use as a drop replacement for standard usage such as saving and retrieving data. Not only have I released the source code, but I've also submitted it as a composer package on packagist.org so everyone can include it in their projects very easily.

Proud to be Sponsoring Search on Romhut

A new project has emerged for developers to host their custom built Android ROMs for free and have users download them all in one place. The site is run by a friend of mine with little budget right now and since this is a project I'm excited about for the Android community then I've offered to help out by powering the Search engine and also with some scaling issues via hands on coding as the site is proving very popular!