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Rails Data Migrations

Migrating a schema when deploying code is a fairly solved problem in Rails, and many other languages/frameworks. What hasn't quite been solved, or at least agreed upon, is the ability to make changes to data based on those migrations. I'm not going to cover the dos, donts, pros and cons of each method as many people before me have covered this in great detail. What I do want to do however, is share a nice simple solution I created for simplifying this process, and making the most out of previous methods.

Rails + Webpacker Deployments on Heroku

A few weeks ago I decided to take the leap and implement Webpacker into an existing Rails project. Initially this seemed like a great idea and almost too easy thanks to the rails/webpacker project. After a couple of hours I had everything working and some existing React components migrated from a custom compile system to the asset pipeline. Deploying to staging had a few minor hiccups, but nothing major and the project was ready for sign-off and production release.

Model Errors in EmberJS

Today, I spent longer than I feel comfortable admitting solving a supposedly simple problem in my EmberJS application. Since this particular issue was so frustrating and undocumented I'm going to share my experiences in case someone else comes across the same hair-pulling nightmare in the future.