Youtube Posts

Drawing Minecraft using HTML5

I would love to be able to draw like this. This must have taken the guys hours, and it is clearly a masterpiece!

Kinect Hack: Real-time Motion Capture

This hacker is using a blender model and Kinect to replicate his movements in real-time. Quite impressive how accurate it is.

Kinect hack Midi Controller

Not really much to say about this one apart from how clearly awesome this thing could be. I'd loved to be able to compose music without ever playing a note on a keyboard or twanging my guitar. It also brings memories of when I used to use FLStudio (Fruityloops back then) quite a lot to make insane dance music. Keep the hacks coming, and also an adapter so I can start making my own! My about that in my next post.

Google Chrome: Faster Than A Speeding Potato

Out of all the random things Google have come up with to demonstrate their products, this has to be the most fun I've seen. While we're all working hard at the office, they're playing with paint, potato and explosives!? Who wants to join me in applying for Google? Yea, I thought so!