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Go To Google, Type in Google..

We've all met people like this. I meet meet people like this on a daily basis due to the nature of my work and I think they should all be banned from the Internet for being a waste of oxygen. Anyone who I work with will get the reference to the title.

Microsoft Mocks Google using Failed Esperanto Language

Below is an article from MSDN, where a Microsoft employee openly mocks [Google's decision to no longer support H.264 video]({% post_url 2011-01-12-google-is-to-drop-support-for-h-264-video-format %}) which I wrote about earlier this week. I found it quite amusing, so thought I would share.

Google is to drop support for H.264 video format

Google has announced that it will be dropping support for the H.264 video format in favour of more open standards. They will be pushing people to use open sourced codecs such as WebM and Theora.

Google Wave is now Apache Wave

Thanks to the Open Source Community over at Apache, Google Wave will now be able to live on in it's new home where many eager developers wait to pick up where Google went wrong. Personally I was quite disappointed when I heard Google wave would be shutting down, as I believed it had much potential. You can read the full story over at the Google Wave Blog.

Google Chrome: Faster Than A Speeding Potato

Out of all the random things Google have come up with to demonstrate their products, this has to be the most fun I've seen. While we're all working hard at the office, they're playing with paint, potato and explosives!? Who wants to join me in applying for Google? Yea, I thought so!