Rant Posts

ItelliType Pro Fails with Spotify

Recently I purchased a new Keyboard and Mouse desk set, which I have been very impressed with so far. It's a Microsoft Wireless Deskset 3000. The best thing I have to say about the setup is the fact the wireless signal never drops. In the past I've always had issues with signal dropping on wireless devices, especially keyboards. It is also very responsive for gaming, so I can still waste time playing games just as much as I used to.

iPhone OS 4.0, Oh Please!

So today, Apple decided to release what they call an "upgrade" to their iPhone OS (now named iOS). First of all, this may be an upgrade to the iPhone, but then again, what isn't, right? However, it's merely a feeble attempt at catching up with the current smart phone market, namely Android.

My First Blog Post, Ever!

So I finally decided to start blogging, yay for me! Took me long enough. I got annoyed at myself for putting everything off, always saying I'll do it tomorrow. Unfortunately, tomorrow never happens. I thought maybe if I write my plans down and a few random stalkers from the Internet read it then it would motivate me to actually finish what I started. Good theory, let's put it to the test.