Personal Posts

Jekyll is no longer Hyde-ing

After convincing myself all year that I will finally Go Static and get rid of my custom CMS for this blog, I decided to finally launch it on the very last day of the year; Talk about leaving things until the last minute! This isn't a complete coincidence though, as I've been working long hours on a new project which is related to Jekyll development. I'll blog about this separately further into the year. This post is going to cover why I chose Jekyll, and why it's going to be so powerful moving into 2014.

My First Week at Givey

As some of you may know I recently left my position at Performance Horizon to take on a Senior Developer role with Givey. This is a quick post I'm writing to clear up the many questions people have had on why I chose to move and what my first week was like at this growing North East based start up.

My First Blog Post, Ever!

So I finally decided to start blogging, yay for me! Took me long enough. I got annoyed at myself for putting everything off, always saying I'll do it tomorrow. Unfortunately, tomorrow never happens. I thought maybe if I write my plans down and a few random stalkers from the Internet read it then it would motivate me to actually finish what I started. Good theory, let's put it to the test.