Jekyll with Boxen

Not only does Jekyll power this blog but it has been one of the main tools I use on a daily basis for almost 2 months now. Due to it's growing role in our company I was starting to get fed up with having to manually pull down repositories and ask other team members to do the same, especially when all of our ruby projects are managed via Boxen. This post is to share my knowledge of how I was able to very easily modify a boxen project to work with an install of Jekyll instead of the default ruby setup.

StatsD PHP Library

Today, I just created a StatsD PHP Library and released it on Github . Before you start with "but there are already loads..", I do realise this, but they didn't suite my needs. This is a short post to let you know why I opted to create my own, and what I hope to achieve from it.

Open Source Challenge

It's bank Holiday Monday and I think it's about time for a new challenge. I've been working a lot with Open Source lately, both contributing to other people's projects and refactoring/improving my own. My current contribution streak on Github is 8 consecutive days of published code, which is pretty awesome considering my previous best was 2 days from about 6 months ago. Not only is this making me a better programmer but it's also extremely fun. With this in mind I've decided the new challenge is to try and create a 32 day streak.

Free Hosting with Github Pages

I've been meaning to try out Github Pages for quite a while, but never had a project that was suitable as nearly all of my work is built on a custom back end server. I also wanted to get a few old projects online to share the code so people can maybe do something cool with it.