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Google Chrome: Faster Than A Speeding Potato

Out of all the random things Google have come up with to demonstrate their products, this has to be the most fun I've seen. While we're all working hard at the office, they're playing with paint, potato and explosives!? Who wants to join me in applying for Google? Yea, I thought so!

If someone tells you something works very fast, you would ask them to prove it, wouldn't you? So since people are questioning Google's speed, since not everyone is tech nerds like some of us and understand milliseconds response times and frame rendering etc, they decided to come up with a fun, imaginative way of showing people just how fast chrome can be.

Below I have embedded the video that Google released earlier today. Check it out.

I don't know about you but I know this is how I'd like to demonstrate how some of my projects work!

If you aren't already using chrome, I strongly suggest you start, unless you have some amazing reason why not to like some terrorists have threatened to murder your family if you ever stop using IE, which I find highly unlikely.

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