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Varnish Cache Accelerator Introduction

Recently I've been looking into a lot of Technology and Software to improve the performance and scalability of some of the projects I've been working on. This has been proving difficult as we implement more and more features, adding extra strain to databases, web servers and budget. One of the major problems we kept seeing was overloaded CPUs, bottlenecked Databases and huge ammounts of bandwidth being consumed, so a new plan was needed. Over the next few weeks I'll be posting articles on how to save money, improve performance and even improve security of your sites and applications using Varnish Cache.

Installing Varnish Cache on CentOS

Today, I installed Varnish Cache onto my Amazon EC2 server to test drive it's performance. I had recently discovered sites such as Facebook are using Varnish as a way of delivering the billions of photo requests they receive daily; which must mean this thing can really take the load of of standard http servers. Unfortunately I was unable to find a decent tutorial on how to do so, which led me to write my own.