Beware of Hamachi IPv4 Subnet

Today I found a major flaw with a piece of software I use heavily every single day, as do a lot of people I know. Logmein Hamachi is currently using the subnet, which has recently (Novermber 2011) been assigned to real users and conflicts are beginning to happen which is a major issue. Basically, the problem makes any service running in this subnet to appear invisible to Hamachi users, and webhosts are starting to assign these addresses to real users by the looks of it. I stumbled across this issue when connecting to a demo server at the company I now work for. Other people in the office could connect, yet I couldn't. The machine just appeared dead until I noticed the IP was in the range!

Secure Proxy with Squid and SSH Tunnels

Today I decided to build myself a small, yet very secure proxy tunnel to use at work. Not that I have anything to hide, I'd just prefer my boss not to know what sites I browse in my lunch hour, or get curious as to why I enjoy watching stand up comedy while I work. Luckily most of the services I use are https enabled anyways, but for the few that aren't, this is my workaround.

Secure Proxy with Hamachi2 on Linux