Flash Posts

Installing 64-bit Flash Player on Ubuntu

I recently just dusted down an old laptop to use as at work, and I felt Ubuntu was the smart option since I'm becoming very fond of Linix lately. I also want all of my files to be my own, and not be on my work machine when I'm not there (a whole new Blog post on network mounting coming soon). However, since I installed 64-bit version of Ubuntu 10.04 I ran into an issue when it came to using Flash Player in Chrome.

Flash 10.2 gives web video a Boost

Thanks to Adobe's newest release of Flash Player 10.2, web video will use much less of your processor, and improve battery life on mobile devices. Most of video on the Internet is powered by Flash Player, so this is quite a substantial update that we've been waiting a long time for.

3D Car Gallery in Flash

Pixel Perfect Collision Detection AS3

Hi guys! It's been a long time since I've posted on here, but I've been a very busy little worker bee! I will explain more about that in my next post, however. Right now I want to share some code that has been annoying me for the past 4 hours, as maybe it will help someone in the future. I'm currently working on an arcade racing game, just so I have something challenging to keep me out of trouble, but it's proving more difficult than I thought.

Animation Vs. Animator II [Flash]