April 2014 Redesign

I've had the same dull blog layout for years. Even in my transition from Blogger to Wordpress and finally Jekyll I've still kept the look similar. While I'm the first to admit that my design skills aren't great, I still thought it would be a fun idea to spent the day making the layout more content focused and less cluttered.

No more Wordpress!

I've decided that having my Blog hosted on 3rd party software is no longer an option. After 3+ years of posting originally on Blogger, then on Wordpress I've decided to finally integrate it into my main site, which I rebuilt from the ground up a few days ago.

Google Code Prettify

I've updated my Blog to support Google Code Prettify since I'm going to be posting a lot more coding and example posts.

Huge BlendSwap Update

I'm pretty new to Blender, and hadn't really heard of BlendSwap until today. It's basically a repository where users can submit their Blender creations to share with the community and download creations that people have already made. I'm really enjoying Blender, it's easy to pick up and very advanced. I'm currently working on some Flash/Java projects which include 3d assets, but more on those as I make more progress. If you're a fan of Blender you should check out the updated BlendSwap.