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Flash 10.2 gives web video a Boost

Thanks to Adobe's newest release of Flash Player 10.2, web video will use much less of your processor, and improve battery life on mobile devices. Most of video on the Internet is powered by Flash Player, so this is quite a substantial update that we've been waiting a long time for.

The secret to the new improved performance is an element called Stage Video.Users who upgrade to the new version won't see any sort of change unless the website video provider has specifically implemented the new Stage Video; which luckily for you, the major video sites such as Youtube and Vimeo already have started doing. A performance increase of up to 34% is expected from the new update.

Another new feature of 10.2 is the ability to have flash running in full screen on one monitor, while you complete other tasks using another monitor. This might seem like a simple enough task, but any of you who have tried doing this before will have become easily frustrated at the fact the full screen deactivates when any interaction is made on your other screen. Luckily I had a plug-in which counter-acted this, but that was ideal and also had to be re-hacked every time I updated chrome; which is a lot due to the fact I use the developer version. Thankfully flash player now supports this feature natively, and I'm using it right now to watch Youtube videos! Yay!

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