Squiggle Canvas Returns!

I decided to do something constructive with my weekend. I have a lot of projects lying around unfinished, and random optimizations to do on my sites, so I tidied things up a little. To start with, I upgraded the coding on marcqualie.com, added a share bar and made the site load faster by tidying up loose ends. Then I remembered Squiggle Canvas.

For those of you who have used this tool before, you will have noticed it's been offline for quite a while now, and since I missed it, I brought it back. I have huge plans for this project, as I enjoy working on it, and it's useful for all people to use. I am currently working on a fully redesigned system for Squiggle Canvas, however I don't have time to complete it right now, so I have uploaded the old version, with a few enhancements.

Changes I Have Made:

  • Upgraded to use Mootools 1.2.5 (I was going to use 1.3, as I use that on all of my projects now, however the internal engine would have taken too much recoding)
  • Optimized the way the mouse events are handled. I noticed there was quite a bit of lag when drawing on large documents. This was due to the way I was handling mouse events and DOM interaction. This has been fixed, so lag should be minimal in all browsers.
  • Google Image Search has been improved so there is no lag when dragging and resizing images. Again, this was to my lazy implementation of mouse event handling.
  • You can no longer modify your projects after you have closed them, nor can you modify other people's projects. I have my reasons for doing this, but this feature will be back in the future sometime.
  • Server speed and bandwidth increased. Now I can store huge huge drawings for you guys to go wild. I had a few issues with the server hanging when saving massive Squiggle's, but now this isn't an issue.

I think those are the main changes I made, if there are anymore I'm sure you'll find them. For now I'm going to continue working on Squiggle Canvas, and it's many impressive variations, such as a fully integrated Desktop version for all platforms. Try out Squiggle Canvas and let me know what you think of it so I can add improvements to the new system?

If you have any questions about this post, or anything else, you can get in touch on Twitter or browse my code on Github.