Squiggle Canvas Returns!

I decided to do something constructive with my weekend. I have a lot of projects lying around unfinished, and random optimizations to do on my sites, so I tidied things up a little. To start with, I upgraded the coding on marcqualie.com, added a share bar and made the site load faster by tidying up loose ends. Then I remembered Squiggle Canvas. For those of you who have used this tool before, you will have noticed it's been offline for quite a while now, and since I missed it, I brought it back. I have huge plans for this project, as I enjoy working on it, and it's useful for all people to use. I am currently working on a fully redesigned system for Squiggle Canvas, however I don't have time to complete it right now, so I have uploaded the old version, with a few enhancements.

Changes I Have Made:

I think those are the main changes I made, if there are anymore I'm sure you'll find them. For now I'm going to continue working on Squiggle Canvas, and it's many impressive variations, such as a fully integrated Desktop version for all platforms. Try out Squiggle Canvas and let me know what you think of it so I can add improvements to the new system?