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ItelliType Pro Fails with Spotify

Recently I purchased a new Keyboard and Mouse desk set, which I have been very impressed with so far. It's a Microsoft Wireless Deskset 3000. The best thing I have to say about the setup is the fact the wireless signal never drops. In the past I've always had issues with signal dropping on wireless devices, especially keyboards. It is also very responsive for gaming, so I can still waste time playing games just as much as I used to.

However, going off topic here, due to the fact this post is meant to be a rant! As the keyboard and mouse may be very well made pieces of hardware, unfortunately the software that accompanies it, isn't. IntelliType Pro 7.0 is possibly the most annoying thing ever. While it does some things great, such as on screen prompts of certain keys like volume indicator and hot key interaction notifiers, it fails on one of the most simple tasks. This would be controlling media via any player other than Windows Media Player.

Personally, I use Spotify due to the fact I can listen to my music anywhere without having to carry it with me. IntelliType Pro seems to think the only media player anyone uses would be Media Player, due to the fact whenever I press the play/pause button it opens Media Player, and I can only control Spotify using the media controls if Media Player is open in the background, and doesn't have focus. Get your act together Microsoft, just when I was starting to get faith back in you thanks to Windows 7.

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