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iPhone OS 4.0, Oh Please!

So today, Apple decided to release what they call an "upgrade" to their iPhone OS (now named iOS). First of all, this may be an upgrade to the iPhone, but then again, what isn't, right? However, it's merely a feeble attempt at catching up with the current smart phone market, namely Android.

As you may know, I dislike Apple, so yes I'm slightly biased, but for good reason. Yes I do admit, the new iOS has some pretty nice features that make it a good competitor to the current smart phone market. But why don't we take a closer look at those main features?


Wow, actual multitasking? Not that feature which has been available since Android's first release, surely. Offt you rebels, what next, round wheels?

Folder Organising

Ah, now you can organise your phone, instead of having a big mess of little icons everywhere? Well once again, Android has had this since day one, and if I'm honest still does a much better job.

Games Center

Hmm so now games are recognised as games rather than "apps". Finally a feature Android doesn't have. Oh, actually, wait. What's that thing called? Android Market? My Bad.

There's a longer list, but I'm hoping by now you will see the general pattern. Android makes a feature, Apple takes a few months (if not years) to catch up, then they do a botch job of copying.

So there you have it, another bad attempt from Apple at releasing a half baked OS as usual, and none the less with be charging stupid amounts of money for. Which to be honest, all those little Apple Fan Boys will most likely go for just for the sheer fact of having a new iPhone. Well all I can is they can have fun creating their own misery.

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