Remove Deleted Git Branches

Due to using to Github flow quite heavily, I end up with a lot of rogue branches locally that I'm always forgetting to cleanup. The snippet below is a quick one-liner I have aliased to cleanup-branches which saves me some time and keeps me out of branch spaghetti when autocompleting.

Sublime Text 2 Snippets

The other day I stumbled across an amazing feature of Sublime Text 2 that doesn't require a plugin to work, yet somehow after 1 year of using the software I hadn't come across it. If you ever find yourself rewriting huge code blocks such as configs, or copying/pasting lots of text and replacing certain parts for folder names for example then Snippets are the perfect tool! This is a short post to share awareness of this awesome feature.

Installing GeoIP on CentOS

I mainly write these blog posts for my own personal reference, so I don't forget how to install all of these various packages, but also because I learn a lot of my stuff from other people's posts and like to contribute back where I can. Below is my install script for GeoIP on CentOS 5.6+, and so far it has never failed. It should work on any Redhat based system with the yum package manager, but I haven't tested on any system below 5.6. I normally create scripts in a personal install directory and run as sh ~/install/