pyenv install with zlib

I've lost count of the amount of times I've had to research this on a fresh install or different machine. Since python is not a language I use day to day, I constantly forget the environment configuration so I'm putting it here for quick reference when I will inevitably need it in a month or two.

Nginx Tap moves to Homebrew Organization

The community tap I created for custom Nginx modules within Homebrew just got accepted into the official Homebrew organization. This is huge news for the project as it means there should be way more usage and contributions thanks to the extra exposure. This is also a good time to share a couple of unannounced updates I added in the last couple of weeks.

Homebrew Nginx Tap

I've recently been working on an Nginx Tap for Mac OS X Homebrew and now I think it's time to share with the world. Originally I created a pull request on the original repo but due to the custom nature of the modules I needed it was reccomended that I create a tap and maintain my own repository (tap). The main goal behind the tap is to create a version of Nginx with as many modules as possible so people can create fully custom builds very easily.