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GoStatic is static site management system built ontop of Jekyll with built-in editor, hosting and CDN.

Homebrew Nginx

Community Nginx install for Homebrew with lots of added modules and custom builds. Started off as a personal project then moved to Homebrew organisation

OpenResty Docker

Docker image with minimal OpenResty installation. This is the foundation for the GoStatic CDN.

Moltin Ruby SDK

A Ruby client for the Moltin Ecommerce API which exposes their entire REST API to Rails model-esque data strctures.

StatsD PHP Library

A library for working with StatsD. One of my first opensourced PHP projects.


A simple racing prototype I worked on a few yeats ago. Demonstrates simple VI and Canvas techniques.

Mongo Minify

A drop in replacement for the native MongoDB PHP Driver which transparently translates data in a compressed format when being stored in the database.