<Marc Qualie/>


Rubygem + CLI for diffable encrypted files that can be comitted into a git repo


GoStatic is static site management system built ontop of Jekyll with built-in editor, hosting and CDN.


Learning platform for non-english speakers based around articles of varying difficulty and paired audio.

Homebrew Nginx

Community Nginx install for Homebrew with lots of added modules and custom builds. Started off as a personal project then moved to Homebrew organisation.

Rancher Shell

A small utility for shelling into multiple Rancher containers with ease. Perfect for running rails consoles and data migrations or debugging.

StatsD PHP Library

A library for working with StatsD. One of my first open source PHP projects, now part of The PHP League.

OpenResty Docker

Docker image with minimal OpenResty installation. This is the foundation for the GoStatic CDN and other OpenResty based apps.

Moltin Ruby SDK

A Ruby client for the Moltin Ecommerce API which exposes their entire REST API to Rails model-esque data strctures.


Experimental racing prototype I worked on a few yeats ago. Demonstrates basic canvas techniques and non-intelligent opponents.

Mongo Minify

Drop in replacement for the native MongoDB PHP Driver which transparently translates data in a compressed format when being stored in the database.