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Minecraft is a Dropbox Overkill

I'm assuming you have all heard of Minecraft, as it's one of the most popular games with nerds on the Internet right now. It's basically a game where you can build and destroy anything in the entire world, with huge, huge maps to explore and create. Follow the link above if you're not sure what it is.

If you've read my Blog before you will know I use Symbolic links a lot to synchronise all of my game data across computers. This works all fine and dandy until Minecraft is introduced into the equation. The game seems to save hundreds if not thousands of files, all of time whilst the game is running. This wouldn't normally be a problem, as it means your data is always saved if the game crashes or you need to leave suddenly (at work for example..).

But when Dropbox is trying to instantly Sync this data across about 5 of my computers all at once, problems begin to occur. Just a word of warning to anyone syncing large sets of data that is updated frequently, not only does this add huge bandwidth to your network, but also slows down performance as Dropbox has to index and sync this data constantly while the game is running.

In the future I will develop a manual Sync system for such files, which either updates the files every 5 minutes, or I can press a button to manually push the files to all of my computers. Who knows, I may even make my own Dropbox!

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