Marc Qualie

[email protected]

Seasoned Software Engineer with an appetite for solving problems. With over a decade of technical experience I've acquired a diverse range of skills and the ability to learn new languages and methodologies with ease. Industry specialities include Video Gaming, Advertising, Finance, and Fund Raising.

Work History

Lead Engineer, Founder


Aug 2015 - Present

I founded Signisto as a forward thinking consultancy which empowers our clients to take advantage of the latest technologies and integrate them seamlessly into their business. Leveraging battle tested systems for security and performance, while using bleeding edge stacks to deliver quicker turn around than competitors.

Senior Software Engineer

Funding Gates

Sep 2015 - Present

Daily responsibilities include continuous development and improvement of the end-to-end stack. On a good day this may include a fancy new feature; Customers love these. Other days I'm digging into performance quirks with some of our larger customer data sets. With a large range of demands I can go from provisioning infrastructure to adding API endpoints to tweaking front-end styles all within the same cup of coffee.



Oct 2013 - Sep 2015

My first year at Givey was spent developing an API and infrastructure that scaled with complementary EmberJS dashboard. Moving on to become CTO, leading the innovation on the GiveyShare project creating a marketplace platform for charities and businesses.

Senior Software Engineer

Performance Horizon Group

Aug 2012 - Oct 2013

Originally hired for my database expertise to scale a reporting system for large scale storage and traffic volume. Regularly building custom integrations for clients that parsed and converted terabytes of data for exporting via an API.

Head of Development

Free Online Games

Sep 2009 - Aug 2012

Within my first year at the company I went from junior developer to head of development. Leading a team of 5 I built APIs used by thousands of clients, servers that could handle billions of requests and a marketplace platform for game developers.


Machine Learning since 2017
React, ReactNative, Rancher since 2016
Docker, Kubernetes since 2015
Lua, Go, C since 2014
Ruby, ElasticSearch since 2012
MongoDB, Redis, PostgreSQL since 2011
Git, SSH, Linux since 2007
MySQL, ActionScript since 2006
PHP, JavaScript since 2005

Side Projects


Learning platform for non-english speakers based around articles of varying difficulty and paired audio. I built and maintain the full stack, including the upcoming mobile application.


A project I originally built for myself and some clients to ease the pain of hosted single page applications. This has now grown into a platform for managing many static websites, specifically blogs on the Jekyll engine.