New Writing Topics

I've been neglecting my Blog lately mainly because I feel like I need to always write masses of code examples and showcase my own projects but I've decided that shouldn't be the case. Most of the code I write I can't share due to contracts, but I've been using so many awesome tools from the open source world that I feel like I need to share and spread awareness to other programmers.

Too often do I find myself needing a solution to some complex problem that hasn't ben solved yet. It's frustrating and exciting at the same time because I love to work on challenges and they appear every day at my current work place. It's these crazy use cases that I want to start writing about as I think anyone with an interest in programming will be able to take something away and I also learn more by writing it up as an edge case.

These edge cases often send me in the direction of open source tools which are kindly created and maintained by the community. Chances are someone hasn't solved the specific problem I have, but they've built tools that at least help point in the right direction. Prime examples of this being debugging, profiling, analysis and tracking tools. Event tools such as IDE plugins are sometimes more use than people realise.

I've also started contributing my own work back when I actually solve some of these problems in a professional way. Instead of just throwing up my code onto Github I've spent a lot of time and research on how to write good tests and documentation, as well as handling pull requests and issues. My first real project was Mongo Minfiy, but I'm hoping to release a lot more of my work in the coming months.

I'm always open to suggestions for topics and project reviewing.