Proud to be Sponsoring Search on Romhut

A new project has emerged for developers to host their custom built Android ROMs for free and have users download them all in one place. The site is run by a friend of mine with little budget right now and since this is a project I'm excited about for the Android community then I've offered to help out by powering the Search engine and also with some scaling issues via hands on coding as the site is proving very popular!

The main advantage of the Search API I provide is that every page on the site is indexed, along with the media content such as images. All of this happens very fast (normally within 1 hour) as the crawler is always running and looking for new content to index. Not only does it relieve the stress on the romhut servers, it can also return results extremely fast due to the high powered cluster behind it and the algorithms I use which I've developed over the last few years.

Also, I recently re-enabled the real-time aspect of this API on which you can try out if you're viewing this article from my site right now. This feature already works with romhut content and it's highly accurate with <100ms response times including network transfer to the EU. Hopefully I can get this enabled too with some clever proxy magic or some Cross Site scripting.

As for the project itself I reccomend you go and try it out over at and download yourself some ROMs. Donations are also appreciated to help support running of the site, it does cost quite a lot in bandwidth.