Google Profanity API

Some developers discovered the Google Profanity API a week or two ago, and it looks to be an interesting service. It's not an official release by Google, and it's part of the venture they've recently started, and by the looks of things wasn't meant to be used by outside developers. Are Google's engineers getting worse at hiding their tools, or is this something Google are testing here first before making it part of their API Suite? It could dissappear at anytmie, so if you're interested have a go by using this url

Simply replace xxx with whatever word you like and you get a simple yes or no response. Not very useful? I think quite the opposite. If you have experience with JSON and Curl, you could easily build yourself a simple comment moderation script or stop people using obscene language in usernames. Either way, it looks promising and I'm hoping Google release it to the world as an officially supported API with a few more features.