AS3 Matrix Animation

This started out as a little project to wake me up after work before starting to small design projects I had planned to do. To my suprise I got it working within half an hour, however I wasn't happy with the fonts, so I decided to use the real matrix code font. FlashDevelop has other plans. 3 Hours later and I had nothing! You all know I love doing everything in pure code, but this time I gave in and turned to Flash CS5 to help me out. I ended up having to embed the font using the IDE, and compile inside there. I still have no clue as to why FlashDevelop point blank refused to embed any fonts, using 5 different methods, which has previously worked for me. Strange. Anyways, it's working now so I can relax.

I'll probably add more effects in the future, but for now, this will do for now. If anyone is interested, I will post the source code here once I get it working entirely in flash. If you're really interested and want the code I used in Flash IDE just contact me. I'm more than happy to share my work for others to use and learn from.