Operation Social Cleanup: Facebook

I've decided there are way too many people on my Facebook account that I simply don't know, or that don't talk and just polute the homepage with fucked up nonsense. I mean seriously, why would I (or anyone) want to know what you're having for breakfast or what you are doing every second of every day? Get a life. So I'm going to go through and delete anyone who is a retard, basically, which will most likely be whoever is reading this. Yes, I'm, looking at you. Personally, I think on line networking is ruining society. Not only are people spending more time sat in front of their computers checking feeds and “stalking” people then going out and socialising or having hobbies, but I've noticed a lot over the last few years that Facebook tends to get in the way of relationships and cause a lot of problems for people. Surely social networks are meant to bring people together, not turn them into jealous, computer addicted zombies with nothing better to do than check other peoples profiles and play games such as FarmVille. Also, for the record, if I didn't need a Facebook account for work basked projects, I would delete my account all together. Damn people and their addictions.