Is Facebook becoming the new Google?

Just a quick rant about how Facebook is trying to become the new Google. Facebook started off as a social network and has slowly been expanding to take over the entire web subtly. Sure, Google is less subtle, releasing hundreds of products that cover almost every area of the web, but then again, they innovate and do things well. Facebook on the other hand is trying to do all of this in the background with it's “like” buttons, and features they create. Today, for example, they have just released Facebook Places (which has been in America for almost 1 month now), and i couldn't help but notice it is extremly similar to Foursquare's Interface of how things are done. You can add your own places, check in, invite friends to chek in at the same place etc. Why would we need a service like that? They already exist, and are done much better, with more features, and less spam. Spam!? You must be wondering what I mean by this? Well, i noticed whenever you create a new “place”, it also creates a page on Facebook, which you can then “like”. You can tell in no time people's walls are going to be cluttered with checkins and place likes. As if Facebook wasn't cluttered enough? Before we know the entire internet is going to be a smoke clouds of things to like, and if it hasn't already, it will soon loose it's meaning as everyone will like everything! Where will it end, Facebook?