Internet Explorer 9 Beta Released

Yesterday, Microsoft revealed it's new Browser into public Beta. I've had a few of the platform previews before and was slightly impressed by how far they had jumped since Internet Explorer 8. Not only have they improved the interface, loading of the program, and general performance increases across the board, but they have also incorporated all the modern standards of CSS3 and HTML5. Things are looking up for Microsoft due to the fact they still dominate market share worldwide thanks to the fact most people have a windows machine with the application already installed. If they can get this product finished, and released in time for people to upgrade, I believe Chrome and Firefox will really have to up their game to compete. If you would like to try it out for yourself you can download Internet Explorer 9 here. You can also look at all the demos of how it performs under heavy load using Microsoft Test Drive. Especially in the Psychedelic Browsing example; Chrome scores 12 in the stable build and 42 in the Canary Build, whereas IE9 scores a whopping 1471! See for yourself, I have high hopes for IE9, let's hope it doesn't let us down like it's predecessors.