70 Billion Pixel Photo of Budapest

Many of you may have heard of the Gigapixel project made in Dubai a few months ago. This was quite and impressive photo allowing you to view all of Dubai from one photo. You could zoom in on many famous landmarks in great detail (including women in bikinis!).

However impressive as this may be, another project has been released known as the 70 Billion Pixel Photo which was taken of Budapest. Not only does this new project allow you to view the entirety of Budapest, but it is also 360 degrees thanks to panoramic photography. The entire file size for this one photo is a whopping 200GB, and when printed the photo stretches an astonishing 15 metres long.

If this is the kind of photos normal people can make with a few modified cameras and some very clever software, imagine what kind of systems the worlds governments are using? It's quite scary knowing this kind of technology is widely open to the public, and not so hard to come across. Yes, I can imagine it is pricey, but isn't it worth it for technology which is clearly remarkable?

You can check out the project here to see all of the information about it, and zoom in to anywhere on the photo. Impressive, I think. What do you think is next in the photo technology space?