Squiggle Canvas Update

The last few days I've been working n major improvements to the Squiggle Canvas project. Not only is it faster to use, works in more browsers and has amazing new features, but it's also now much easier to share with friends! You can create a masterpiece in a few minutes thanks to the new brush tools and the Image importer which I will describe below.

First of all, I'd like to talk about the new image importer, which allows you to search Google Images from within Squiggle Canvas and click on the image results to directly import them onto the canvas! It's extremely easy and fast to do. You can even drag and resize the images once you've imported them, and layer them on top of each other and even draw ontop of them to add annotations or anything your imagination can think of.

Next is the Pipette tool. This allows you to pick a colour from anywhere on the canvas, making it so much easier to add drawings on top of picture, or add to parts of a drawing.

Finally is the implementation of Facebook Open Graph protocol and API. This allows you to very easily share your creations anywhere on the internet, or directly into your Facebook profile if you choose.

You can check out these new updates and more at www.squigglecanvas.com. Check it out and let me know what you think?