Epiphany, Or Whatever..

So today I realised I'm pretty much doing nothing with my spare time. Sucks, right? Wrong! It's awesome.. but also lazy. So here's my plan.

First of all, no more T.V, maybe, I haven't quite fully decided on that one yet.. okay the T.V. stays. Yes it distracts me but the great thing about it is the fact i can watch it while doing something else. So all I need to do is learn how to do two things at once again.. cause that's not hard at all?

Secondly, Facebook sucks. Honestly, it's pointless. Who actually uses that thing? Well, apart from everyone without a life, and people with a life, and people who are dead but are haunting other people's lives. But seriously people, wake up, it's basically a ticket to stalk, be stalked and hire stalkers. Do you actually get anything productive from it? Don't think so. So yes. Facebook must go.

My third change is going to be coffee. I bought it yesterday for the first time and like wow. Coffee is friendly. It wakes me up in the morning and keeps me awake at night, what a lovely friend, you now have a special place in my heart. But no, seriously. Caffeine is a god, welcome it!

Lastly, for now, it clearly has to be this Blog. No more random garbage about my current work portfolio, cause that's just not awesome enough. Well it is, but let's face it, you guys don't have many brain cells to waste reading about programming, right? So I've decided to make it more random, and less trivial, maybes.

So there you have it, my extremely pointless list of things to start changing my productivity which has officially wasted part of your life by making you read it. Let me know if you have any more ideas to stop being so lazy, and I'll be sure to ignore them.