Currently On My Mind

It's 3am so i'm lying in bed posting from my phone, how awesome! Anyways I thought I would share what's on my mind.

Who would have thought me of all people wouldn't use certain Google products? Well it turns out I totally overlooked some cool stuff, which could make my life a lot easier. Would be even easier if these services were android based, but one step at a time, yeah? Check out Google Notebook, Bookmarks and Reader if you get the chance. I will be doing a full product sweep and review tomorrow when I get some time.

Squiggle Canvas is taking off quite nicely, getting on average of 200 unique visitors per day! I can't wait to add the new version, which I created from all your feedback! It includes features like Facebook photo album integration, and image cloning! Also faster loading and running times, but more on that later!

Facebook is getting ready to launch a new feature, which should be interesting. I am going to apply for beta access, but you have to submit 3 custom articles, which have to be written professionally and accurately. Oh the joy, so wish me luck!

Finally, my blog needs a complete overhaul, don't you think? Blogger just launched their new template designer, which I guess is okay for noobs but I found it unsatisfying. I want to design something unique and custom, but to be honest, I'm useless. Ideas?

I will update this post with links to sites and articles when I get to a computer, so if they aren't there check back in a few hours!