Productive Bank Holiday Weekend

Well, the 3 day weekend was nice while it lasted. Sadly back to work tomorrow, however I made great use of the extra day! Normally I don't do anything productive, so this came as a surprise to me as well as you guys, trust me!

Remember good old Squiggle that I started making a while back? Well it's been redesigned and pumped with steroids. In order to motivate myself to work (cause let's face it, I'm lazy!), I decided to invest some money into the project and make it as a standalone site. So I bought a domain, some hosting, and will buy some advertising when it's finished.

Obviously this project is going to take a long time to get it where I want it to go. For example, I would love to have a layer system and basic photo editing from within an online website, which would also have a mini desktop version and some sort of storage for users. A feature to share your creations with your friends via Facebook Open Graph, and also saving entire projects including undo/redo history similar to a full-featured desktop app. Most of these features I've actually managed to do, but they need improving and tidying up, then making look pretty.

If you want to follow progress on the Squiggle project you can either follow it on twitter or keep checking back on You can also follow or subscribe to this blog, and look for the label Squiggle. Hope you guys enjoy the features I'm going to add.