AS3 Music Visualiser Project

Last night I decided to make a quick project to test out how flash can read data from audio on the fly. Turns out it has quite an advanced system for reading raw sound data such as frequency spectrum and actual sound waves. This is very basic for now, as I put it together in only a few hours with no prior knowledge of this type of data. I will try to add more as soon as I get some more free time.

I designed this project to make use of AS3′s SoundMixer.computeSpectrum function. It basically takes the sound data of playing music, and converts it to a visual spectrum and displays the output. I created two versions of the sound wave. The graphics in the bottom left, are for the left speaker, and the top right is the right speaker. The animated lightning bar going through the middle displays the actual sound wave data for the left speaker only, rather than the frequency spectrum. This is a very basic implementation, and I will add more later, including source code. I will also release a fully working Class to put in your own media players.

What is even more impressive about this is that I got this to run at 60fps inside a normal laptop without any optimization, giving amazing effects and no lack in performance. If you want to check out this project you can view it at..