Squiggle Update: 4 New Brush Styles

*Update* Since posting this article I've moved Squiggle to a new location on squigglecanvas.com, I rewrote the entire application, and it's now integrated with Facebook. Try it out?

So I've been a little busy adding new features to the Squiggle Canvas project. I added 4 new brush types for you guys to try out. Just go visit the page and see what nice things you can Draw.

I have been browsing the internet for similar projects that utilize the canvas as a drawing tool. I found an amazing application called harmony. It wasn't bursting with features, it was actually the most simple out of all the ones I could find, however the brush techniques used were amazing. I used my favourites as a base for designing the new Brush techniques you will see on my project.

I got them almost exact, but there are a few differences, as our projects are coded differently, I will hopefully improve this as the project progresses nearer a finished product. The project plan looks amazing, and will be released as a Standalone website, aswel as a widget plugin that can be placed anywhere with one line of code. Pretty sweet huh? Below is description of the new brush types and what you can use them for.

Fur – Fur-like brush which uses fibres that group together to create a really nice natural look to your project. The fibres act like a magnet when you move them next to other lines of the same brush type, giving a more fluent feel to drawing.

Long Fur – Same as fur, but with longer fibres, given a nicer effect on small line widths. They group together more aswel, so you can create really nice flowing images with this technique.

Grid – This effect looks pretty nice if you can get it right, but I think i need to optimize it more, let me know what you think of this one? It basically defines grid points where the lines will expand from, using a quadratic curve around the point to give a paint-brush effect but only every 50px on the canvas.

Chrome – My personal favourite. Use this brush to create very nice fluent and attractive images, try grouping the lines together and you you will see it creates a transparent connection effect between, which gives the feeling of depth when you move the mouse fast, and build up layers on top of each other.

On a side note away from the brush types, I added quite a log of new features. Main feature being the ability to create a new Squiggle and save it to the gallery and share it once you're done, with the option to undo and redo changes with any brush type.

Keep checking back as I'm trying to add new features every day, any suggestions you have would be very helpful.