iPhone, iPad.. basically iHate!

Personally, I despise Apple as a corporation. This does not make me a Windows Fan Boy or an Android Geek, it simply means I simply have common sense, unlike a lot of the brainwashed zomboids who buy iShit. For a long time now companies have been battling against Apple, and as usual Apple can only done one thing; Run to their lawyers like little bitches and file some sort of shitty, far-fetched lawsuit against companies who are actually trying to make the Technological world a better place for both Developers and comsumers.

First of all, they think they can compete with Android. Wrong. Apple simply got there first with their App Store. 3 years and 3 OS revisions later and the iPhone OS still doesn't have as many features as Android's first OS Release back in September 2008. What use is a "Smart phone" without multi-tasking? Over the years I've used many different phones with different OS systems, but Android really stands out from the rest, an iPhone OS is most definitely one of the worst.

Secondly the new iPad. I find this product an absolute joke. A phone without multi-tasking, that's almost bearable, but a tablet, which is meant to compete with a net-book, I mean seriously, who are you guys trying to kid here? I've seen a few prototypes of new tablets coming out such as the HP Slate or ICD Gemini (my personal fav) and they are an entire generation ahead of the iPad.

Last but not least, Apple's battle against Adobe. I work at a games company, Free Online Games, and we work with flash extensively there. Everyone on my team is excited for the launch of Flash CS5, which includes an amazing feature which allows you to export flash projects as iPhone applications. You can see how this could benefit our company, right? Even as a developer myself, and many others, converting our projects into iPhone apps using software we normally use daily could potentially open up a new market for us even if we don't support iPhone. But no, once again Apple decided they wanted to control what developers can use to create apps. Makes me think clingy girlfriend who won't let you see talk to other people cause they want you all to themselves, grow up? Not to mention all the hard work the Adobe team have put into developing this product over the last year or so.

So yeah, that's my view on Apple. A bunch of tossers who are trying to stop the world from progressing into a better technological place, shitting on developers who are the people who made them the brand that they are. I recently read a blog post from an Adobe employee who quite rightly said "Go screw yourself Apple". Which to me is very mild mannered, but I can imagine what every sane developer in the world is thinking right now, especially myself.