How much does Technology control our lives?

Today, whilst updating my site I suddenly realised, nearly everything I do is Google-Based! I imagine I'm not the only one either. It's quite scary when you think that if one company were to close, which is very unlikely in Google's case, a lot of peoples lives would come to a stand still. From basic email to surfing the web, Google manages to control nearly every aspect of some people's lives. Including me.

For example, my general day consists of being a worker bee, seeing my girlfriend and maybe doing a small project on the night-time (if I'm not too distracted by my bed), and casually browsing the web in between. My work life consists of email, development and communication. Google provides the email client, primary web browser of choice and an instant messaging client. Pretty much everything, right? Even my phone is Android based, they even managed to wiggle their way into the smart phone market.

Obviously we could all just find new services to full fill our needs, such as a different email client, or a new phone etc. But think about how much control this one company has over our lives? Also the inconvenience it would cause us if this company were to suddenly cease operations.

I'm using Google as my main example here, but this isn't the case for everyone, obviously. But in general terms, a lot of people are taken by one specific brand or company, and revolve a lot of their live around it and take it for granted on a daily basis. Miscrosoft, Facebook amd Apple are all amazing examples of this.

Could you live without stalking your friends on Facebook for a day? What would you do if you couldn't search for things using Google any more? Does the thought of not being able to download your favourite tracks from iTunes, or log in to MSN to chat with your friends scare you?

How much of your life is based on technology and how much do you take it for granted?